K-Cinnamon Glaze

K-Cinnamon Glaze
Full Overlay Door Style - 3/4" Solid Birch Face-Frame
Raised Square Birch Door and 5 Piece Recessed Drawer Front 1/2" Grade-A Plywood Boxes - 3/4" Grade-A Plywood Shelves
Finished Door Matching Cabinet Interior Finished Door Matching Cabinet Sides
Solid Birch Dove Tail Construction Drawers Epoxy Coated Metal Undermount Drawer Runners
Fully Concealed 6-Way Adjustable Door Hinge

K-Cinnamon Glaze 10x10 Kitchen Starting

$2,295.00 $1,445.85
KM-BBLC42/45 L-39 Wide,KM-SB36B,KM-B18,KM-B33B,KM-W1830,KM-W1830,KM-W2430B,KM-W3030B,KM-W3012B,KM-W3012B,KM-WDC2430,KM-BF3-3/4,KM-TK8,KM-TK8
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